Imagined Worlds 

Group exhibition
June 25th – August 21st

The Town Hall Gallery
Hawthorn, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Curated by Mardi Nowak and Kent Wilson

Blurring the boundary between real and imagined these artworks challenge traditional representations of landscape and allow the viewer to imagine life in a new world.

Imagined Worlds also questions why artists are proposing new landscapes. Is it escapism, fantasy or dreaming of a new utopia?

The exhibition will show beautiful, dreamy imagery which will be both calming and intriguing.

Exhibiting Artists:
Andrew Mezei
Tony Lloyd
Connor Grogan
Christie Torrington
Alice Wormald
Kate Shaw
Ara Dolatian
Ben Taranto
Kevin Chin

Taranto_Invite_Imagined Worlds

Ben Taranto_Water Level_2016

Taranto_Coverage I_2015_5

Ben Taranto_Coverage_2014_4


Ben Taranto_Coverage_2014_3


September 21st – October 16th 2016
c3 Contemporary Art Space
Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Group exhibition with Betra Fraval, Will Heathcote and Bec Delange


October 5th – November 20th 2016
Frankston Art Centre (FAC), Cube 37
Frankston, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Water Level and Expanding Australia
Solo exhibitions

October 7th – November 20th 2016
Bundoora Homestead Art Centre
Bundoora, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Expanded Gaze with Betra Fraval

Ben Taranto_Yakamoz_2016 (still)

Ben Taranto_Breath (still)_2015_2

02_Taranto_Untitled (detail)_2014_slumped glass_55x55x25cm_2014_2

Ben Taranto_Water Level_2016

Ocean Expanse_moving image 2_long wall

Taranto_Expanding Australia_TEST_2